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Founded & Managed by Martavia Sharee

Martavia (Sharee) Houston-Jennings was born July 31 in Germany. At the age of 5, she moved to Miami, FL. Growing up, she faced many challenges, some out of her control and others perfectly within her control. However, she was determined life would not get the best of her and God had something greater for her life even if she couldn’t see it; she knew she had to believe it. Even in her rebellious stages, she knew God wanted to do more with her life and use her life experiences to reach out to others. Sharee was a teenage mom when she birthed her son Marcus on June 15, 2001 but she did not let that stop her. Despite the difficulties she faced with being a young mother, she still overcame and was determined not to be a statistic. She finished high school and graduated a year earlier. Sharee has always accomplished what she sets her mind to and to her that gift of perseverance is her driving force in all she does. January 19, 2005 she birthed her second child Dyani. Eventually, she saw the need for her to do something different with her life and she decided to move to Georgia. A few years later, Sharee married the father of her daughter, purchased her first home and strived at being the best wife and mother she could be while still trying to find her purpose. Through the trials and tribulations in her life and in her marriage she continued to stand strong and push forward through adversity. Blow after blow, she kept getting back up and fighting to be all God called her to be.

A heart and desire to bridge the gap in the community. Love conquers all!

There were many times she cried and wanted to quit but because of her children she continued to stand even when it hurts. Eventually, her marriage ended and once again she had to find her way. Sharee decided that there had to be more to her life than failure and pain and made a declaration to be better by doing better. She began to surround herself with positive people and built spiritual circle to keep her grounded and accountable. At this time, she knew she could take off like an eagle and soar. She decided to go to school; she obtained Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She became active in her church at Berean Christian Church Gwinnett where Pastor Kevin B. Lee is her pastor and spiritual father. She became hands-on with children realizing the true gems they are in God. On top of all this, Sharee started her own business called Motivated Under the Sun and through this business she reaches out to her community constantly finding ways to give back as well as lift up young people. Fast forward to January 7, 2015 she had her third child Miracle/ Princess Paris. She has a very strong heart for empowering women and especially those with a story. She works with Young Woman of Worth alongside Donna Anderson. Sharee loves working with the youth alongside The Believe In Me Project with Ms Juanita. Her heart has always been towards people and finding out how she can be of service to others. Even in the midst of Sharee’s own struggles, she keeps her arms and her heart open. She gives until she cannot give anymore and even then she still attempts to push out just a little more. Life has been rough for her. Nevertheless, she keeps on trusting God to carry her through it all. Despite the health scares, in spite of the storms, even when she feels too weak to hold on; she knows that it ain’t over until God say it is! She is serious about the purpose God has placed into the core of her soul especially after her last health scare. She took an oath with God to go full force into her calling while letting God order each and every one of her steps. Sharee is determined to let God use her life experiences for His glory!

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